2018 Presentations

The following presentations and documents (alphabetical by speaker) have been made available by our 2018 presenters:

Jenny Beiermann – Strategies for Successful Farm Risk Management

Kyle Clark – Season Extension from the Ground Up

Daniel and Hana Fullmer – No Till, High Compost Farming

Kirk Gadzia

John Miller – Benefits of Soil Moisture Monitoring

Dr. Noa Roman Muñiz – Strategies for Successful Working Relationships

F. Isaac Muñoz – Farmworker to Ag Entrepreneur or De Trabajador A Empresario Agricola

Patrick O’Neill – Cover Crop Selection to Build Soil Health

John Sheridan and Forest Frost – The Buzz on Bees and Native Pollinators

Dr. Meredith Shrader – Please Bug Me!

Martha Sullins – Adding Value through Livestock Certifications

Julie Sullivan and George Whitten –Restorative Livestock, Land & People Management

Bruce Talbott- Managing your Margins – Lease Agreements:

Please check back for additional presentations.