FAQs- Whova

When does the conference take place?
The virtual conference will be held Jan 21-23. All sessions are scheduled in Mountain Time. We begin on Thursday evening at 6:30pm (MST) with a Q&A Session with Sacred Cow film director, Diana Rodgers.

Do I have to register to participate in the conference?
Yes. Registration is required. Registration closes Jan 20th. All ticket sales take place on Eventbrite (link below). After purchasing a ticket you will need to create a log-in for the event platform (Whova) in order to attend sessions live and to view recordings after the event. Directions and the link for setting up your log-in are listed in the confirmation email. They are also listed below. Please note that after you purchase your ticket it can take up to 24 hours to have access to the event site on Whova. You also must use the email you listed when you bought the ticket.


How do I join the conference after I register?
Use the same email you registered with to create an account and sign-in to our event. This is how you will plan your agenda and access the live streaming conference sessions from your laptop or computer. Please note that after you purchase your ticket it can take up to 24 hours to have access to the event site on Whova.

It’s recommended that you also download the free Whova mobile app to access more networking features and receive text reminders and announcements during the conference. 

I am having trouble accessing all the options within the Whova event page. What is wrong?

The Whova event platform works best using Chrome or Firefox browers. Safari is typically the least stable for the most up-to-date content. This may explain your difficulty. If you switch browsers and you are still experiencing issues, please contact foodfarmforum@gmail.com. Note: if you email after Jan 22nd at 1pm, you may not get a timely response. Please log-in and check out the platform prior to January 22nd so we can assist you.

For a user guide about how to create an event account or download the mobile app, click here. You can also contact Whova support at support@whova.com.

What are the system requirements for joining the virtual conference?
Presentations will be using Zoom. If you are not a current user of Zoom, or you will be using a different computer to participate, you may want to first perform a test to be sure you have Zoom access.

Check your security settings on your computer to make sure Whova and Zoom are allowed to access your camera and microphone. You can also contact Whova support at support@whova.com

For the best audio and video experience, the most important thing is a strong internet connection. WiFi or a direct ethernet cable connection will both work as long as you have a strong signal. You can test your internet speed here.

The recommended internet speed is at least:
Download speed 2-10 mbps
Upload speed 3-5 mbps

Why do I need Whova and Zoom to join the conference?
Whova is our conference “home base” and allows you to access sessions, documents, feedback surveys and networking features all in one place. Zoom is our streaming platform and is required to see and hear the live sessions. The Zoom meeting links are integrated within each session. When you click on the link, it will launch Zoom in a new window or tab. When the session is over, exit the Zoom tab and go back to the open Whova event tab.

When will I be able to view the agenda?
The agenda is accessible prior to purchasing tickets here: https://foodfarmforum.org/agenda-2021/

I registered for the Sacred Cow Film using the link you provided and didn’t receive a follow-up email with the exclusive link to watch.

Check your promotions or updates tab. Your link may not arrive in your primary inbox.

Will the sessions be live or recorded?
Both. All sessions will be recorded and archived. Breakout rooms used during Zoom breakout sessions are not recorded. Session recordings will be available after the conference for on-demand viewing.

Will I need to be on camera?
We request that you keep your camera on if you are actively listening and focused on the presentation. If you are distracted by others at home with you or if you are multi-tasking, we ask that you keep your camera off.

Please read the following consent for Use of Recordings:
Participation implies consent to have involvement in the Western Colorado Food & Farm Forum 2021 virtual conference, hosted and recorded by the Western Colorado Food & Farm Forum Committee. The recordings will be made available online during and subsequent to the event. By participating, participants acknowledge the Western Colorado Food & Farm Forum (WCFFF) ownership of the program and give their permission to WCFFF to copy, record, post, stream and/or distribute their involvement in the program discussion and question/answer periods.

What if I need help with the technology?
We will have an open “Tech Day” on Tuesday, January 19th from 11:30-12:30 (MST) to help you with any last-minute questions about accessing the conference from your device or computer. Please email Amanda at: foodfarmforum@gmail.com to receive the zoom link. You can also contact Whova support at support@whova.com leading up to the conference.