Friday Workshops

Morning Workshop, 9am-12noon

Growing Your Farm Family Business: How to attract, develop, and retain your team and customers through coaching.  

Presenter: Jan Salisbury

As a leader and business farm owner you wear many hats—from CFO, to agricultural expert, chief sales person and leader of teams—all to achieve your goals. Leaders who coach develop and empower others using evidenced-based skills.  Based on a highly effective program that has developed over 600 leaders in diverse businesses, we will learn key skills that increase collaboration and trust in your stakeholders. Put on the “coaching” hat in this workshop and when you lead your farm business!  We will be highly experiential, so bring it!

Afternoon Session, Option #1, 1pm- 4pm

Greening the Desert and Your Bottom Line:  increase stocking rates, profitability and biodiversity with 6 inches of rain and livestock

Presenter: Alejandro Carrillo

 Explore how you can move from continuous to planned grazing by adapting the principles of Holistic Management and regenerative agriculture to increase stocking rates, profitability, and biodiversity. Backed by data, this half-day session will illustrate how bare, unproductive, degraded land was restored to healthy, lush, productive grasslands across the Chihuahuan Desert. By mimicking and respecting Nature, infiltration rates have been dramatically increased to create a resilient environment that thrives with just six inches of rain for the whole year. Increase your ability to read nature and the important roles of low maintenance genetics, dung beetles, and perennial grass quality. No mechanical or chemical work has been used to restore grasslands, just cattle. 

Afternoon Session, Option #2, 1pm- 4pm

Turning Your Soil On for Optimal Plant Health and Nutrient Density

Presenter: Nicole Masters

Get to the root of how to create a productive, healthy and profitable farming system that creates nutrient dense food with Nicole Master of Integrity Soils. Learn how you can harness microbial and plant signals for optimal plant health and nutrition. Common weed, disease, crop and animal health issues will be covered in this fascinating look at the latest research related to root shoot signals and synergistic soil functions.