Saturday Program 2019

Thank you for joining us at the 7th Annual Western Colorado Food & Farm Forum.

Saturday, January 26th, 2019

Healthy Soils Sustain a Healthy Future – Dave Dearstyne
(download flier: Soil Health and Your Garden)

Predicting the Future of a Fickle Marketplace – Sylvia Tawse

Pastured Poultry Principles – Ben Gillespie & Jacob Gray

The Future of Cider and Heirloom Apples – Brad Page

Insect Friends and FoesDr. Meredith Shrader

Weather Ready Fields, Farmers & the Future – Dr. Dannele Peck

How to Enjoy Farming Again – Dori Lee

Cover Crop Rotations, Minimum Till and the Benefits of Value Added – George Rosenbaum

Planning for a Secure Future

Transitioning Orchards to Organic Pest Management – Susan Carter

Plenary Session – Ben Hartman

Low Tech Low Cost Season Extension – Jenn Mueller

Getting Traction to Sustainability – Jan Salisbury

Land Link – Connecting Farmers and Ranchers with Landowners – Dan Waldvogle

The Future of Blockchain on the Family Farm – Mitch Bennett

Dancing with Dinner – Community Presentation by Joel Salatin

Watch this space for details on next year’s forum!!